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Something rotten in the house of rotting rotters

The truth seeps through grasping fingers across forked-tongued mouths… and dribbles away, unseen by the many, reviled by the few… Ministers also announced that the new agency will operate a passport verification service so that businesses can guard against identity

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Pieces of hate

Can the Home Office be trusted, asks MP [Do we even need to ask, says Me!] JAMIE LYONS [for the Scotsman] THE Home Office was yesterday accused of showing a “casual disregard” for taxpayers’ cash after criticism from spending watchdogs.

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Roll Call of Shame – The Future

Look at the record of who voted for this shameful bill: The Conservative Home Affairs front bench voted with the Labour Government ! David Davis Edward Garnier Patrick Mercer Most of the Conservatives seem to have abstained, with only a

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Charles Clarke can fuck off and die in a fire

As you can see, the feeling is widespread: They are breathtaking, brass-necked bastards, these people, and it disgusts me beyond my powers of expression that I breathe the same air as any of these two-faced, contemptuous cunts. Christ, he’s not

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People are starting to stand up and be heard. From my (other) favourite blog 2lmc spool. One of Britain’s leading symphony orchestras has been forced to scrap an American tour, partly because of the “mind-blowing palaver” and cost of securing

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Promises promises!

But Shadow Home Secretary David Davis vowed that if the Tories win the next election his first act as Home Secretary would be “to do away with this Bill”. Lib Dem MP Nick Clegg said the Bill would “erode privacy,

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The Guantlet has been thrown at your feet…

So now there is no choice. You must take a stand. Will you continue to be a free man, or submit to being a numbered citizen? ID card deadlock comes to an end Labour’s manifesto promised ID cards would be

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