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Do not get out of jail free

An Iraqi asylum seeker who was cleared yesterday of making a video identifying potential terrorist targets in London faces being issued with a government control order, the Guardian has learned. Rauf Abdullah Mohammad, 26, sunk his head into his hands

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Shopping channel

BBQ gives Lidl a free PR puff. As blatant as you like. Again. No byline. Again. Don’t believe the hypermarket forces.

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The UK is a bigger terrorist threat to the US than any other country

You may be thinking, okay this time MM has really lost it, but that isn’t my sentiment, rather it is that of ‘New Rpublic’ magazine (which says a lot) and some guy who appeared on the Toady programme’s regular 08:48(ish)

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information sharing – present & future

If you want a preview of how ‘helpful’ the trails of information gained by NIR trawling will be take a look at this article at nth position. It goes into detail about an active project in Bedfordshire which agregates information

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Less intelligent than a hamster

You remember the scene from a Simpsons episode, where Bart keeps trying to grab a cake, even though each time he does it he gets an electric shock? The US government has been accused of trying to undermine the Chávez

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Police States make me Hot

Old News…. The concept of never being able to carry a liquid on a plane again has me rapt with JOY! I feel… I feel… so SAFE. I hope the next step is to have built-in stomach pump SECURITY TECHNOLOGY

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Still true…

Do you want to be part of a world of sleeping people? Will you be forever addicted to self-restriction? Established orthodoxies and dogmas, conditioned interpretations of living, regard the material world as reality whilst pretending to deal with the spirit,

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