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CCTV vermin

He leads me around the corner to Wardour Street. We enter a dark and dank warehouse and negotiate our way past men making a mighty din as they fill metal cages with brown boxes of consumer stuff. We take a

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Pretexts to Justify Us Military Intervention in Iran: the leaked memorandum

PRETEXTS TO JUSTIFY US MILITARY INTERVENTION IN IRAN (Note: The courses of action which follow are a preliminary submission suitable only for planning purposes. They are arranged neither chronologically nor in ascending order. Together with similar inputs from other agencies,

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Let's twist again

“We will go where we please, we will discuss what we like, and we will never be browbeaten by bullies. That’s what it means to be British.” Yes John Reid, we will. We will; not submit to State interference of

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Too little, too late

The ban on liquids such as toothpaste and perfume being carried through airport security in hand luggage will be lifted at UK airports in November. This is inadequate, either there is a (non-)credible threat from liquid explosives or there is

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Bliar: I am always with you, for I am God

Civil liberties “Let liberty stand up for the law-abiding”, Mr Blair insisted as he defended his record on civil liberties and ID cards. He said there was a fundamental dilemma: “How do we reconcile liberty with security in this new

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Gordon Brown: pre-soiled gargoyle turd.

`The world changed after Sept. 11,” Brown said. “No one can be neutral in the fight against terrorism.” Good lord, how many times have we heard this crap ? It should be a glaring clue that such a pre-soiled gargoyle

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Secret laws, right here, right now.

It seems that there is no free public access to a complete database of all the laws in the UK. The Guardian reported in August 2006 the following: Shhh – don’t pass it on. It’s the kind of secrecy one

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