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Gmail still letting spam through

Gmail is still letting ‘obvious’ spam through, i.e. spam with the word ‘viagra’ in the body or the subject. Here is a screen-grab of the the inbox of the account that I am using for testing. Yuck! When these messages

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The thin end of the wedge (with chilli sauce and mayo on the side)

As previously alluded to: The Telegraph reports A boy of eight who weighs 14 stone could be taken into care in a landmark step in the fight against childhood obesity. […] Tomorrow a child protection conference will take place, which

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Home Schooling groups inflitrated by government trolls

This is a reply to a post on a Home Education mailing list; it was written by a glove puppet (or a perfect imitation of one). Note the flawed logic, doublethink and straw man tactics that are common to all

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The 'Sofetening Up' begins…softly

Here we have top sleeping policeman at BBQ trying to slow the momentum of the anti road pricing rage. He uses a straw man argument to try and pull it off. Lets see… Here’s an old economist conundrum about queues.

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The BBC Crime Family

[…] Like most believers in the BBC (Bush, Blair, Cheney) version of 911 events, debunkers claim the White House—George Bush particularly— is too inept to implement 911. Too dumb. They claim a bungler like Bush, who bungled the Iraq War,

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Six Lies

It feels so different watching an aircraft carrier group coming toward you than watching it sailing away from you toward another part of the world. I’m an American who used to live in New York City. All my life, when

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Watson On Monbiot

Steve Watson has an unusually good piece about George Monbiot at Infowars. George Monbiot is one of those people who I like to call ‘Ostrich Posturers’, and they all have features in common. The most important one is that they

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