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Widespread ignorance of HE, and its ugly face

There is an absolutely brilliant post here, where the anti-home school nonsense of an anthropology professor named ‘Greg Laden’ who by his own admission, knows nothing about home schooling, how they do it and the people who do it: What

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Times Educational Suppliment propagandizes against Home Schooling

As I said before, the war against home schooling has started, and the propaganda machine is lurching into action. Here is a piece from the Time Educational Suppliment, which is a piece of pure, vile propaganda. Lets take it to

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The aliases of Joe D'Amato

* Sarah Asproon * Donna Aubert * Stephen Benson * Steve Benson * Anna Bergman * John Bird * Alexandre Borski * Alexandre Borsky * James Burke * Lee Castle * Lynn Clark * O.J. Clarke * Hugo Clevers *

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Homeschooling Without Your Relatives Blessings

I’m homeschooling and that’s final. My whole family is against it, my wifes family is against it; except her aunt, she homeschooled all of her kids and told us to get ready for a battle of attrition, you’ll either wear

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Some interesting demos arrive in the post

There have been some great demos in the post recently. A DVD: and a cassette: are two examples. Both of these were intriguing in content and presentation. Neither had begging letters in them with attached ‘band’ photos, shitty lyrics, sob

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Stranger Mag 13 is out

Stranger Magazine is out, and it has an article about Numbers Stations in it… What a beautiful magazine, and what a beautiful way to preview it! And I have just been informed by Der Kopf that ‘Strich’ is back on

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Home Schooling in New Jersey

It appears that Home Schooling in New Jersey is almost correct in its approach: The laws regarding in homeschooling in the state of New Jersey are far more lenient than other states. The main requirement is that you provide an

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