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The first 'post tipping point' post

This is the first ‘post tipping point’ post. It is about the absurd ‘Department of Homeland Security’, USVISIT and their true purposes; to control the united states population, and to intercept ‘criminals‘. Like the Germans that they are emulating, uncle

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The Tipping Point

We read in today’s Guardian that (the) UK housing market has reached (a) tipping point. There is a much more interesting tipping point that has been reached however. This Blog, BLOGDIAL, as well as many other blogs (some of which

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Spore Boys

The famous sandwich Its not rocket science – just a simple mushroom sandwich! Although there’s nothing ordinary about the mushrooms that we use. Each sandwich is prepared to order with lots of love and attention to detail. We use a

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This is what ID Cards REALLY mean

Some people don’t understand why we oppose a national ID card. “It’s just a piece of paper,” they say. “What does it matter?” Historian and law professor Eric Muller of the University of North Carolina has been trying to find

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More fear-mongering from dead tree merchants

Robert Verkaik, another computer illiterate drone for a dead tree merchant, a ‘law editor’, writes about Google. Quite why these people never get their screeds vetted by someone who understands the internets is beyond me….here we go: Google, the world’s

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So Sue Me!

I recently built a new box to serve all my music and movies. It running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, with all the ‘Silent Bells and Whistles®™‘: 1.2TB of disk space (western digital, 400, 400, 300), Intel Pentium E6300 1.86ghz core 2

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Brown's chance to strike

Push towards pay-as-you-go roads The government is pushing ahead with plans to introduce road pricing schemes in England and Wales despite a huge public campaign against them. It has published a draft bill updating the rules for local authorities who

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