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Warned again and again

When do you think that this cartoon was drawn? Click here to find out. Everyone has been warned again and again about all of this…. gah!

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Ron Paul and the Empire

by Steven LaTulippe “If we have to use force, it is because we are America! We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall, and we see further into the future.” ~ Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Can Ron Paul

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How to stay out of government databases

By Michael Hampton As you are probably aware, the greatest threat to your privacy and well-being stems from the government, whether directly or indirectly. Even the “freest” or “most democratic” governments have committed their share of atrocities, and even if

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Gordon Brown: Racist

U.N. rapporteur raps Britains’s law on fingerprinting foreigners BC-UH-Britain-Racism By Sara Sasaki LONDON. July 18 – A special U.N. rapporteur on racism on Thursday criticized Britain’s new immigration legislation on fingerprinting and photographing all foreign visitors as a process 0f

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'Pocket Satan' Chertoff: The Maximum Liar

BRITISH visitors to America will be required to register their travel plans online 48 hours before departure, according to a bill expected to be passed by the US Congress this week. This will cause even more people to choose other

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What about the Children?

The visa applications of more than 100,000 people applying to enter the UK were left unprotected and open to manipulation, according to an official report into one of the biggest privacy breaches in recent history. There are so many things

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Now, an example of TwatSpeak, courtesy of Peter Tatchell

The Good Dr. Kirby writes direct from his lab: Home Office statistics released this week reveal that the number of animal experiments conducted in Britain has hit a 15-year high. There were over 3 million animal experiments started in 2006,

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Kasparov: Gordon Brown is a Mafia 'Don'

Don Brown By GARRY KASPAROV July 26, 2007; Page A13 When Gordon Brown took power in Britain in 2007, the burning question was: “Who is Brown?” It has now changed to: “What is the nature of Brown’s Britain?” This regime

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Database marketing

Shadow Home Affairs Minister, James Brokenshire MP, has today called for an urgent review of safeguards to protect against ID fraud in the wake of the increasing use by clubs and bars of computer scanning equipment to check age information.

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They tried before, and failed

The Morgan Fascist Coup Plot and How FDR Defeated It by L. Wolfe Introduction Some 12 years ago, this news service published a report on the 1930s fascist coup plot against the Franklin D. Roosevelt government, led by a Morgan-centered

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