Moron the idiocracy

the next installment of a very irregular ceries:

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And moron the elecshun, a lurker forwards this gem:

The bad news is that my Dumkopf wife is voting for the Clintocracy……”I’ve got to support her because she is a woman”

so I said, “what about supporting the brotherman as opposed to the otherman” and she said I haven’t followed Obama I don’t know where he stands on the issues and I said the only thing Hillary Clinton stands for is supporting her man while he blows his load on the face of an intern….


‘Your’re fucked up, you talk like a fag, and your shit’s retarded.”


We are the best.

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3 comments on “Moron the idiocracy
  1. irdial says:

    Its’ called ironing Dr. .

  2. […] the idiocracyAlun: “Your’re” ?Spelling! Tut tut. Saw a sign the other day offering ‘Hampsters […]

  3. Alun says:


    ?Spelling! Tut tut.

    Saw a sign the other day offering ‘Hampsters for sale’.

    But who to blame/neuter? The signwriters, or the firms to idiotic to notice or demand a change? Maybe both, just to be safe.

    Perhaps with txtspk and the rise of the idiocracy, this is the way written language is evolving. Plain phonetics, with no nuances or beauty, just a reduction to simple function. Simple (or perhaps simpel) being the keyword.

    No more Wednesday, just wensday. Which makes today toosday. Innit?

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