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Logins for 8,700 FTP servers found on sale

By John E. Dunn Techworld 27 February 2008 Criminals have assembled a huge database of hacked FTP server logins belonging to some of the worlds leading companies, a security company has revealed. Finjan said it had stumbled upon a database

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The Prison-Industrial Complex

In the hills east of Sacramento, California, Folsom State Prison stands beside a man-made lake, surrounded by granite walls built by inmate laborers. The gun towers have peaked roofs and Gothic stonework that give the prison the appearance of a

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America has run rings round the west. A united Europe must stand up to it

The White House runs a so-called democracy that is in fact authoritarian. At the same time it intimidates its neighbours Timothy Garton Ash The Guardian, Thursday February 28 2008 This presidential election is such a cliffhanger. Will it be the

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A Commentary On The Teaching Of Mathematics

I just had to share with you this piece: A Commentary on the Teaching of Mathematics, by James Jackson of Carlisle, Ind. It appeared in “Echoes” (winter 1994), published by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, Ind. “Echoes” took it

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A new and superb exhibition

Christopher Anderson has an exhibition at Magnum called ‘Silicon Forest’. Magnum contacted us with the idea of illustrating his works with sound from The Conet Project, and we agreed. The photographs are of the town, Akademgorodok (Академгородо́к, part of the

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Lily-livered, cowardly bullies must die!

We wrote recently about naive idiots in York, wearing leather shoes, eating eggs, taking medicines developed in animal models and bleating over a restaurant serving foie gras. Now we read this: A Cambridge restaurant announced last week that it would

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From tax probe to spying on citizens?

From Mr Peter D. Hahn. Sir, Your editorial “Liechtenstein loot” (February 19) correctly points to the complexities and sophistication of tax evasion among those wealthy enough to afford it. I can’t claim higher morals because I have never had the

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The Death of the ID Card Scheme

Foreigners who repeatedly flout the rules when they are made to apply for ID cards will be thrown out, the Government said yesterday. Immigrants will have to give two fingerprints, iris scans and a raft of personal details to the

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At last, an honest politician!

Heretofore heroic Liechtenstein — one of the world’s great tax havens — has come under fire recently, as Germany has used spies in the tiny principality’s banks to find tax evaders. The Financial Times predictably takes Germany’s side (“governments are

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From the Guardian Passengers travelling between EU countries or taking domestic flights would have to hand over a mass of personal information, including their mobile phone numbers and credit card details, as part of a new package of security measures

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