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Book 39

50. Forever associated with a desire for “the Moderate Way”, the urban communities of the Centre Edge wished to curb what they saw to be the excesses of Gestures Theatre. Its freely developing growth, largely unregulated from within, and certainly

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You can tell it's broken when…

… the greed of a few bankers costs you your house … people scuffle over bags of rice in Walmart stores … and it gets mapped on GoogleEarth … BP announce 48% increases in profits, as petrol hits £1.10 a

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Be realistic, demand the impossible

MAY 1968 GRAFFITI It is forbidden to forbid Beneath the cobblestones, the beach In the decor of the spectacle, the eye meets only things and their prices. Commute, work, commute, sleep . . . Meanwhile everyone wants to breathe and

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Total biometric-RFID surveillance at Terminal 5 has been in the planning some time.

A lurker writes: You may know all this, but here are some details which may be of interest otherwise: THE INTELLIGENT AIRPORT (TINA) PROJECT Researchers from the universities of Leeds, Cambridge and University College London have teamed up with 10

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It is not for the terrorists, it is for YOU

Airline passengers are to be screened with facial recognition technology rather than checks by passport officers, in an attempt to improve security and ease congestion, the Guardian can reveal. This means they can eventually fire all the immigration staff, who

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Marijuana legalized in Argentina: war on drugs "absolute failure"

Wednesdays 23 of April legalize the drug consumption in Argentina the International – (10:00 hrs.) A court of Buenos Aires annuls thousands of cases in proceedings of defendant to have marijuana They consider that consuming they are the factor of

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I have often been put off downloading FLAC files as the format is not supported via iTunes, converting FLAC to mp3 is a bind to say the least, and I don’t usually listen via VLC. Poor excuses I know. So

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