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ContactPoint database to track children not in school

We expected this to happen: 1.2.3 Section 436A requires all local authorities to make arrangements to enable them to establish (so far as it is possible to do so) the identities of children residing in their area who are not

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Do I Have to Obey Orders From an Unconstitutional Government?

I am a loyal citizen of the United States of America, and I believe deeply in the vision of the Founding Fathers, the rule of law as enshrined in the Constitution, and the liberty that our forefathers fought and died

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Noel Edmunds…Your new hero?!

When a very popular man stands up and says what needs to be said… For 30 years he was one the BBC’s star presenters, stitching up celebrities and subjecting guests on his show to the horrors of the gunge tank.

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The Zero-Trust Society

The Telegraph has a story that is direcly related to the previous post about the TSA and the irrational mania for lists, and the other BLOGDIAL posts about this insanity Despite ministers admitting of concerns the laws could spark a

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Bruce Schneier on the TSA: it is completely worthless

From Bruce Schneier’s Cryptogram, yet another crystal clear explanation of why the TSA’s list of ‘terrorists’ is completely bogus: The TSA is tightening its photo ID rules at airport security. Previously, people with expired IDs or who claimed to have

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Is Unassisted Childbirth Safe? You bet it is!

Whilst googling around today for the uses of colloidal silver after reading an extraordinarily inflammatory post that I wont trouble you with, I wandered onto some facts about how children are being born in the USA. It is now the

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Mandarin: speak it and eat it.

Take a look at this site, called ‘Gapminder’. It is a fascinating piece of software that displays the positions of countries on a graph of different factors set against each other. If you look at the default graph on this

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