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Black Swans and Monetary Monocultures

Trawling through links on a Sunday afternoon, we see that one of my favorite mathematicians – The REAL Maverick: Present Economy worse than Depr Video confirms the ‘Monetary Monoculture Danger’ BLOGDIAL post, and introduces us to a new smart

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MMR: More Measles Rubbish

Jab offered over measles outbreak More than 10,000 youngsters across Cheshire are being offered the MMR vaccine in an attempt to contain an outbreak of measles. Health officials said there had been 62 reported cases of the illness mainly around

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Vaclav Klaus to Become President of European Union

Just when it looked like statism was in an unchallenged political trajectory in the U.S. and Europe, the classical liberal President of the Czech Republic, Dr. Vaclav Klaus, stands to become the next President of the European Union, the world’s

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The first legitimate and moral bank in an age

In the age of ‘teh inernetz’ it is always a safe bet that someone, somewhere, is thinking the same thing that you are thinking. It seems that the Lakota Sioux have taken the initiative and are starting a clean, no

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Marijuana plantations for Eindhoven

The Dutch city of Eindhoven has caused a stir with a plan to set up a cannabis plantation to supply marijuana to its coffee shops. The move was announced at a “weed summit”, when dozens of Dutch mayors urged the

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Holyrood rejects identity cards

Before you read this post, press play on this: The Scottish Parliament has voted against the UK Government’s plans to introduce ID cards. MSPs backed a Scottish Government motion stating the scheme would not increase security or deter crime, while

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Don't be too quick to laugh at the BNP's database leak

The entire membership list of the BNP has been released by a disgruntled BNP member. People all over the internets are laughing their heads off as they read about the teachers, lawyers and others who will now face the sack

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Pilots to strike over ID cards

Pilots threaten to strike over ID cards The first wave of ID cards to be issued to British citizens has prompted airline pilots to threaten a strike rather than accept the documents. The second Brass Balls™ award goes to the

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Don't Talk to Sociologists

Now in the relations between man and man, the worst that can hapen is for one to find himself at the mercy of another, and it would have been inconsistent with common sense to begin by bestowing on a chief

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The mother of invention It is completely unsurprising that some people will overreact when confronted by a story in which harm has been done to “kiddies”. What is surprising in this case is the means chosen to protest. This angry local chose to

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