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A collective noun of Starlings.

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The truth about State Schools

TONIGHT, CHRIST CHURCH – Lecture Room 1, 8PM JAMES STANFIELD – ‘Towards the Total Privatisation of Education: Lessons from History and the Developing World’ Researcher at the University of Newcastle’s E. G. West Centre, James Stanfield will speak about the

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A Badman is coming for your children

And this time there are no punches being pulled by the looks of it!! You may be aware that today, the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families announced that he has commissioned an independent review of Home Education.

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What he said

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The answer comes before the question

If you use Apple, you will know that the new version of iLife will include updates to iPhoto that are simply astonishing. iPhoto 09 will scan your photo library for faces, and allow you to name the people in your

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Substitution Spreads

Here’s a thought experiment: Imagine that Egypt, Jordan, and Syria had won the Six Day War, leading to a massive exodus of Jews from the territory of Israel. Imagine that the victorious Arab states had eventually decided to permit the

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