Shining Right Back At The Stars In A Freedom Unknown Thereto

It appears that the Swedish film censor is to be shut down and replaced by an ‘advisory body’ similar to the BBFC. However the interesting thing is that, unlike in the UK, submissions to the new board may be voluntary and so the cash-cow of vetting all movies is domesticated:

The inquiry also proposes that film companies be allowed to submit their films for review by the new agency voluntarily. However, films not reviewed by the new agency would automatically be classified as only appropriate for viewers 15 years and older.

This is a reasonably good thing as it means only films aimed at children will need to be classified, an improvement would be to make classifications advisory so that parents can decide what films they allow their children to see.
Unclassified films for adults are then free from restrictions and interventions (excepting real harm and exploitation which would be subject to existing laws anyway), this seems like a good thing!

Additionally just as health and safety standards can be applied without state intervention, so too can film classification.


We are the best.

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One comment on “Shining Right Back At The Stars In A Freedom Unknown Thereto
  1. irdial says:

    Film Censorship…. BAD
    Getting rid of film censorship… GOOD!

    Home Schooling effectively banned in Sweden…. BAD BAD BAD:

    The Magnus Drysen family is home schooling family with three children (ages 7, 10, and 12) in Vingaker, Sweden. They are in court facing both a fine of $4500 for home schooling and an order to send their children to government school. The court is holding an important hearing on their case on December 14.

    Home schooling is technically allowed under strict government approval. Under section 10 of their federal compulsory attendance law “A child of compulsory school attendance age shall be permitted to do their school duty in another way than what is stated in this law, if it is regarded as a equivalent alternative to the education that otherwise is accessible to the child according to what is stated in the law.” Every school district applies this vague law in a different manner. Home school families are forced to flee from their homes to other more tolerant areas in Sweden. Some have simply fled the country in order to home school more freely. The Swedish Minister of Education recently expressed on a TV program that she wants to change the laws in Sweden to make it even more difficult for Swedish home schoolers.


    Im afraid Sweden really SUCKS when it comes to Home Education, so whilst its great that you can make whatever film you like without being forced to submit it to a state censor for approval before you show it, Sweden is absolute FAIL when it comes to the sanctity of the family and the rights of the individual.

    The Pig & Whistle is INFINITELY preferable to any Swedish night of the living dolls if you asked me!!!

    Vive la difference as they say in France…but they inspect Home Education too!!!

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