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Guardian warmongering over Pakistan encryption ban

The Guardian helps to whip their idiotic readers into line in advance of regime change for Pakistan. All articles of the type that you read below are designed to discredit the governments, like them or not, of the target countries

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Thinking correctly about Bitcoin

An essential feature of the standard attack against Bitcoin is to point to the price charts generated by a single Bitcoin exchange and then use that as definitive proof of Bitcoin’s unsuitability for any purpose. The attack uses these single

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The Internet is starving the streets

Whilst roving around a major city in the UK, I was overwhelmed by the filth, the poverty, the distorted faces, the ground in misery, the decay and the hopelessness in evidence whichever way you cared to look. Contrast this with

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Nobody Asked For A Violent State

I live in Stockholm, Sweden. A hundred years ago, one of the largest employers in the city was the State. Their business was as straightforward as it was necessary: help keep keep people safe, provide schools, a social safety net,

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Selling marijuana is not a crime!

Recently, we have seen many news reports of marijuana stands being shut down by police and other government workers. When kids sell things, such as marijuana, they are learning some very important lessons. They are learning about money and about

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Introducing the Satoshi Gate

The Satoshi Gate is a new way for Bloggers to monetize their writing. It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to collect very small, easy to make payments from your loyal readers. It works like this. When a user

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Market volatility and Bitcoin

One third of all the Bitcoins that will ever be created have now been mined. This is as a good a time as any to re-state the facts about Bitcoin. It needs to be pointed out to the easily frightened

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