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Dystopian Pingit from Barclays cannot win

The Financial Services Club Blog has an interesting piece on Barclays Pingit: Pingit is the new service from Barclays that runs on iPhones and Android. In order to use it, you need to be a Barclays customer. Barclays Pingit

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Bitcoin and the State: Asking permission to be free

Should people who want to see the widespread and rapid adoption of Bitcoin seek tight regulation and integration with the State, or should they rely only on their skills as developers, marketers and entrepreneurs to create the rock solid, reliable

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TransferWise: limited, lacklustre and locked in to the State

TransferWise may or not be the next big thing, but as far as I can see their appeal is limited both in terms of who needs it, can use it, and the time it will take for them to be

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The heat is slowly building up against the Canadian Royal Mint’s Mint Chip

Mint Chip, the Canadian Royal Mint’s attempt to enter the digital money market, is doomed to fail. It is being thoroughly attacked from all sides, the technical, the philosophical and economic. Via a post on Slashdot, we are reminded of

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Unethical collectivist fail on steroids in the Grauniad

Peter Beresford keeps referring to the ever elusive, imaginary ‘we’ in his piece, which is a typical Grauniad screed against liberty and the spirit of man. There is no ‘we’. Man is an individual, he is not the same as

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Bitcoin is voluntarist, not socialist

The idea of socialism is diametrically opposed to the core philosophy of a voluntary peer to peer system like Bitcoin. Peer to peer systems dis-intermediate the transfer of information and eliminate the need for an arbitrary governing authority or service

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The confusion over the nature of corporations

There is a great deal of deeply seated confusion about corporations, their origins and true purpose. People who are intelligent and well read in the field of the philosophy of liberty sometimes fall short when it comes to understanding what

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Using the proliferation of cameras to identify provocateurs

From BLOGDIAL, “The answer comes before the question” January 13th, 2009 […] Imagine this scenario. Someone somewhere sets up a Web 2.0 site that features photos of bad police and other officials, or those mysterious agent provocateurs that have

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Why advocates for peace should support Ron Paul

Take a look at this: Stephan is a great thinker, but it seems that what he cannot do is empathise with other people. While he is sipping coffee in his house in Canada, Hillary Clinton and Obama are at this

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