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Attention statists: You lost. Give up. Start learning.

This is just too good not to share: […] I can’t believe that I still have friends who still accept the state as either legitimate or necessary. Statism, or the religion of government, is the belief that a coercive government

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2022: Bed blockers ‘put Obama Care in danger of collapse’

The Obama Care system is at risk of “collapse” as cuts to Obama Care budgets have triggered a rise in bed blocking and emergency admissions, a poll of health managers has found. During the 15-month period from August 2022 to

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McDonalds Money: the solution to the banking and monetary crisis

It seems that another crack in the dam has appeared: How long can it be before it cracks all the way and the whole creaking edifice bursts and the pressure is relieved? Bad stuff is what happens when the

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