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The Number 231

Prime Factors of 231 =3x7x11. 231 is a Triangular Number. 231 is a Hexagonal Number. 231 is an Octahedral Number. 231 is a 17-gonal Number. 231 is a 78-gonal Number. 231 is a Centered 23-gonal Number. 231 is the 22nd

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The New Icelandic Constitution

We have had a long term interest in constitutions, rights and the legitimacy of government. Now we get a chance to see some people in a country attempting to create a constitution from scratch. A few people living in a

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Bitcoin as troll killer

For years, Slashdot has used its moderation system to filter out the trolls. The “mods” are given “mod points” intermittently in a feedback mediated system that keeps the site clean. This does not stop people from making troll posts, it

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