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WordPress 2.5 upgrade

We have finally upgraded WordPress! Whenever I previously tried to do it, MSQL returned: WordPress database error: [Duplicate entry ‘1’ for key 1] INSERT INTO wp_terms (term_id, name, slug, term_group) VALUES (‘1’, ‘In’, ‘in-2’, ‘1’) WordPress database error: [Duplicate entry

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fourteen clucks

2007 was a year of movement – finally made the move from one big city to another, a relief to ‘start from scratch’ again, shed off a lot of mental detritus and antipathy. Trying to find new paths still barely

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Shrink down

If you have an iPod Touch or an iPhone and you surf over to BLOGDIAL, you will see that we have a special theme installed that switches the blog to shrink down mode. Thanks to these incomprehensibly cool people for

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Josh improves BLOGDIAL™

Thanks to Josh Carr, longtime BLOGDIAL poster, you now have your name underneath the title of your post, and a list of ten ecent comments in the sidebar. Josh took time off from his work to Skype and walk me

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RSS feed is fixed: I broke WordPress

As you know, our motto is “We are the best”. If you append ‘®’ and ‘™’ at the end of this in the ‘options’ the RSS generator chokes and throws up an error. Now that I have removed the offending

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The New Face of BLOGDIAL WTF?! (do we get to wear uniforms?)

Can we get an RSS feed? I can’t find one! Will our posts be named too? CD!

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Moving accounts to WordPress

If you have a BLOGDIAL account, and you need to get access to your new WordPress account, email irdial.

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