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Crony Capitalists deploy glove puppet schizophrenic luddite

The crony capitalist copyright monopoly has rolled out its latest delusional computer illiterate schizophrenic luddite, Jeremy Hunt, to try and cripple the internets. First things first. Culture does not need a secretary. The idea that the State should have a

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Henry Porter: Intellectual Monopolist

Henry Porter has now completely discredited himself, with a shameful piece of luddite nonsense masquerading as a call for justice: If indeed a new era of global responsibility has come into being with measures that actually restrain banks and isolate

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Whistleblowers: get some gloves!

Whilst trawling around on the interwebs, I cam across this amazing story, and a reason to award some brass balls: Up Yours Carter-Ruck Guido is with the in-laws for Christmas and only has internet access via a dial-up or his

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Fascist Andy Burnham is at it again

This guy doesn’t know when to quit. Andy Burnham is trying to become Britain’s version of Al ‘I invented the internet’ Gore. This time, after lying about the ID card, trying to blackmail ISPs to send threatening letters to their

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St Pancras Station Wi-Fi Censorship

The other night, I listened to the great Alex Jones, who complained rightly and bitterly that his websites are ‘on a government blacklist’, making them inaccessible on the free wireless network at St Pancras Station. is also blocked as

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ABC: Always Be Closing: Art War

“Are you man enough to take it?” Gæoudjiparl Van Den Dobbelsteen goes to war: 01. On Monday the 5th of May 2008 G├Žoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen opened up this temporary Myspace profile in order to declare war on the Scandinavian

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News Sniffer: So Cool!!!

I just came across a site called News Sniffer, whilst looking for examples of the stamps of Rudolph Hess manufactured by the Deutche Post custom stamp service. They produced twenty stamps, and that is enough to send them into a

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