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Police Undercover Snatch Squads and Agents Provocateurs

The unintelligent, inexperienced and completely deluded students are out again in force, to be kettled, sheared, abused and used as fodder to provide the police with much needed overtime money. What is interesting here is that we may be seeing

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The game is up for cash

Monopoly money could become obsolete after the makers of the 70-year old game introduced a new version where players fund property purchases using a debit card. The Visa-branded card inserts into an electronic machine where the banker taps in cardholders’

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Virtual music composer

I got a Nintendo DS lite as a birthday present from my boyfriend, its the best toy I have ever had and I got this amazing game Electroplankton made by Toshio Iwai. You can make irdial-music with this game, it

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The future of gaming?

A friend brought this preview of a game to my attention that has blown me away and considering that I’m not really much of a games player, thats saying alot. The basis of the game is evolution [oh yes, the

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no play today

I had a look at a DS at the weekend, it’s not exactly a pretty object, it looks bulky and feels light and plasticy. Especially compared to a cerftain black shiny object made by evil people. If the next generation

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