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Great Expectations

I went to the ‘Taking Liberties’ exhibition at the British Library recently and it largely covered what I had imagined what I would see – Magna Carta, Bill of Rghts, American Declaration of Independence, suffragettes and so on. However there

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Ignorant sharia bashers to the fore please

From today’s Daily Mail: Sharia law SHOULD be used in Britain, says UK’s top judge The most senior judge in England yesterday gave his blessing to the use of sharia law to resolve disputes among Muslims. Lord Chief Justice Lord

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Comfort is Freedom

JOHNATHAN I’ve been thinkin’, Ella. Thinkin’ a lot. I’ve been watching. It’s like people had a choice a long time ago between…well, having all them nice things or freedom. Of course, they chose comfort. ELLA But comfort is freedom. It

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No Sympathy for Corey Glass

In the age of the internets, with the vast experience of VietNam Veterans and their stories being told and retold a thousand times in every possible way, and everyone (we would imagine) being on the same page about what it

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Dumbing down done properly

Still going strong, 666 episodes into the series. Watch, a mans passion undimmed.

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Book 39

50. Forever associated with a desire for “the Moderate Way”, the urban communities of the Centre Edge wished to curb what they saw to be the excesses of Gestures Theatre. Its freely developing growth, largely unregulated from within, and certainly

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A film for every decent person

Thanks to a tip from Alun, I watched the film ‘The lives of Others‘ last night. This is a brilliant and very important film. People often cite the STASI and its tactics and corrosive effects on East German society as

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