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Steve Jobs and two old posts on Apple and MacOS

Steve Jobs died yesterday, at the age of 56. That is a young age to die these days. Had he been healthy, we could have expected another thirty years of his influence… now he’s gone. Very sad. I didn’t like

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Totalitarian thought training courtesy of The Guardian

The increasingly sinister Guardian has a neat brainwashing article: Environment criminals build $10bn empire on ivory, timber and skins Criminal syndicates are earning more than $10bn a year from a booming environmental crime business in rainforest logging, the trade in

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Is Unassisted Childbirth Safe? You bet it is!

Whilst googling around today for the uses of colloidal silver after reading an extraordinarily inflammatory post that I wont trouble you with, I wandered onto some facts about how children are being born in the USA. It is now the

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Modern trends in crushed calcium

Most of my life, say since the age of fourteen, I have used only one brand of toothpaste (except emergencies). One of the common ones, but probably the least popular in that it doesn’t taste of birthday cake or doughnuts.

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You can tell it's broken when…

… the greed of a few bankers costs you your house … people scuffle over bags of rice in Walmart stores … and it gets mapped on GoogleEarth … BP announce 48% increases in profits, as petrol hits £1.10 a

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How one thing leads to another

I’ve just listened to Faultline’s ‘Colder Closer’ side 2. Forgotten how much I like it. Reminds me of buying a Pole LP and listening to it for months at 33, loving it…. Then one day a ‘friend’ tells me ‘shouldn’t

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Tom Ravenscroft

I just had an eerie experience. Whilst surfing around, I went to the Paul Smith site, which has a section called ‘music’. In there, is a link to Tom Ravenscroft. Tom Ravenscroft is the son of John Peel. He does

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Who among you are the Nazis?

By Dorothy Thompson Published August 1941 It is an interesting and somewhat macabre parlor game to play at a large gathering of one’s acquaintances: to speculate who in a showdown would go Nazi. By now, I think I know. I

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