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Now the report is out, a quick follow up.

This is one of Alun’s comments, that simply had to be promoted to a full post: “Martin Barnes, chief executive of the think tank DrugScope, who sits on the advisory council, said it was crucial that a rigorously independent body

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Mixed message

A Home Office spokesman said: “HPV vaccines can and do kill unpredictably; there is no such thing as a safe dose. The government firmly believes that HPV vaccines should remain a class A drug.”

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The Mengele Agenda

A vigilant lurker writes: I had to send you this abstract. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the full article.  1: Am J Public Health. 2009 Feb 5. [Epub ahead of print] Links The Moral Justification for a Compulsory Human

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Gabby Swank was a straight-A student and cheerleader. But that was before she became very ill following the standard dose of three Gardasil vaccinations, Attkisson reports. You know the commercial. It showed teenage girls saying “I want to be one

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MMR: More Measles Rubbish

Jab offered over measles outbreak More than 10,000 youngsters across Cheshire are being offered the MMR vaccine in an attempt to contain an outbreak of measles. Health officials said there had been 62 reported cases of the illness mainly around

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Is Unassisted Childbirth Safe? You bet it is!

Whilst googling around today for the uses of colloidal silver after reading an extraordinarily inflammatory post that I wont trouble you with, I wandered onto some facts about how children are being born in the USA. It is now the

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Mandarin: speak it and eat it.

Take a look at this site, called ‘Gapminder’. It is a fascinating piece of software that displays the positions of countries on a graph of different factors set against each other. If you look at the default graph on this

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Sticking it to the kids

There were two marketing men and a clinical research director sitting in a pub… ‘Why did the chickenpox vaccine cross the road?’ ‘To get to the mass market on the other side!’ ‘Thats not funny. There is no market for

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En Gardasil: an update

We previously addressed the ‘encouragement’ of HPV vaccination for minors, particularly girls, with the vaccine Gardasil. For summary, we may conclude; 1. Gardasil has not been proven to directly cause any deaths. 2. Gardasil appears to have been contrived to

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Hobson's Choice Cuts

The modern NHS is all about choice, so we are told.  Let me give you an anonymised real example of How NHS Choice REALLY Works: a child has an undiagnosed problem, it takes 3 trips to the childs GP before

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