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The Conet Project TCP / 1111 is funded!

We just received notification that The Conet Project: TCP / 1111, the five disc edition, has successfully reached its funding goal, over by one percent. Thank you to everyone who blogged, tweeted, emailed, encouraged, and put their money where their

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The New Icelandic Constitution

We have had a long term interest in constitutions, rights and the legitimacy of government. Now we get a chance to see some people in a country attempting to create a constitution from scratch. A few people living in a

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The Friction-Free Bitcoin Economy

As the barriers to competition evaporate, the world is becoming Bitcoin’s oyster. Guess who it is you’re fighting now? Everybody. In his old book, The Road Ahead, Bill Gates wrote of “friction-free capitalism,” a type of marketplace that he argued

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Examining the new site ToS;DR ‘Terms of Service; Didn’t Read’

There is a very exiting new service online called ToS;DR ‘Terms of Service; Didn’t Read’. With it, companies offering services over the web have their TOS pages parsed and line items rated. Here is an example of some of their

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Sit down and shut up!

Jon Matonis has another great article up at Forbes which replies to Fred Wilson the venture capitalist and principal of Union Square Ventures question about Bitcoin. Below is the text of our comment on this post, spurred on by a

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Attention statists: You lost. Give up. Start learning.

This is just too good not to share: […] I can’t believe that I still have friends who still accept the state as either legitimate or necessary. Statism, or the religion of government, is the belief that a coercive government

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McDonalds Money: the solution to the banking and monetary crisis

It seems that another crack in the dam has appeared: How long can it be before it cracks all the way and the whole creaking edifice bursts and the pressure is relieved? Bad stuff is what happens when the

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