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More lies about the eternal enemy

This article smells very bad. Lets take a sniff… Al-Qaeda group’s encryption software stronger, security firm confirms By Ellen Messmer Network World 02/01/08 Shame on you for propagating this nonsense. Al-Qaeda support group Al-Ekhlaas has improved the encryption software it

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My encounter with a John McCain supporter

This afternoon, we went up to Notting Hill for a late lunch. Sitting to the right of us was a softly spoken american couple. Many americans in London have loud voices where the letter ‘R’ is brutally over pronounced and

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This is REAL

Ladies and gentlemen… This is a REAL jacket that is being seen in all the big cities. It’s like something straight out of a 2000AD street scene….astonishing; true dystopian fashion, sci-fi reality leaking into now…or has ‘the future’ arrived? If

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Zardoz speaks to you, his chosen ones. You have been raised up from brutality to kill the brutals who multiply and are legion. To this end Zardoz your god gave you the gift of the gun. The gun is good.

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I feel like I need something stronger

Drug Cocktail I haven’t felt myself for about 2 weeks, directly corresponding with my last round of shots. I received my second Guardasil injection the same time as my Depo-Provera, and am also taking Lexapro on a daily basis. I’ve

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Taking Liberties say 'More Demonstrations'

The new film ‘Taking Liberties‘ is all about everything anyone with a brain-cell has understood for years. What is interesting is that on its weblog, when you want to publish a comment it is set to: “This blog does not

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