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Who Sampled

Who Sampled is a fascinating site; when they start documenting the ‘DNA’ of House Music and all its decedents, it will be…just incredible! Sites like this are under threat from the Intellectual Monopolists. This tool, if applied to all

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Preventing an attack on Iran: Real solutions

In order to prevent an attack on Iran, the american people must be made to understand that the Iranian people are ‘just like them’. They have to come to the realization that Iranians are not inhuman monsters, but that they

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More lies about the eternal enemy

This article smells very bad. Lets take a sniff… Al-Qaeda group’s encryption software stronger, security firm confirms By Ellen Messmer Network World 02/01/08 Shame on you for propagating this nonsense. Al-Qaeda support group Al-Ekhlaas has improved the encryption software it

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