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BTC-DPD: Bitcoin Distributed Price Discovery

As you may have seen during the last seventy two hours, problems at a single exchange, the popular MTGOX, have unleashed mass confusion amongst the computer illiterate Bitcoin watchers, as they falsely claim that people have “lost money” or that

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The solution to the GMO problem: a withering, internet mediated boycott

In the film of Dune, Paul Atreides scans a box of the Spice Melange with a hand held device, before eating a sample. Passing the device over the spice, and it finding no contamination the device intones ‘safe’ in a

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The heat is slowly building up against the Canadian Royal Mint’s Mint Chip

Mint Chip, the Canadian Royal Mint’s attempt to enter the digital money market, is doomed to fail. It is being thoroughly attacked from all sides, the technical, the philosophical and economic. Via a post on Slashdot, we are reminded of

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US CENTCOM Strategy of Troll FAIL

As the empire starts to crumble, and the talking heads in the MSM dwindle in influence, replaced by the likes of Alex Jones and Infowars, desperation methods are being rolled out to try and sabotage alternative and social networking media.

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Introducing the Satoshi Gate

The Satoshi Gate is a new way for Bloggers to monetize their writing. It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to collect very small, easy to make payments from your loyal readers. It works like this. When a user

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Ending Election Fraud with Three Ballots

The ThreeBallot Voting System Ronald L. Rivest Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA 02139 October 1, 2006∗ Abstract We present a new paper-based voting method with interesting security properties. The attempt here is to

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Two new indispensable iPhone apps

iCancel: beautiful silence from your iPhone iCancel is a new piece of native software that brings the gift of silence to your iPhone. It uses the microphone in your iPhone to generate an “antinoise” sound wave that blots out the

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