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Police Undercover Snatch Squads and Agents Provocateurs

The unintelligent, inexperienced and completely deluded students are out again in force, to be kettled, sheared, abused and used as fodder to provide the police with much needed overtime money. What is interesting here is that we may be seeing

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Thinking about Yellow Ribbon Thinking

Another great post from George Washington: Fearmongering As a Form of Warfare We often think of psychological warfare as meaning disinformation. See, for example, this. But psychological operations also include efforts to induce and spread fear, because fear immobilizes people

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Our first taste of Obama

Do you remember our first taste of Barak Obama? The speech that thrilled everyone in July of 2004? There was a BLOGDIAL back then, and of course, we wrote about that speech, and this strange man who appeared out of

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