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Now the report is out, a quick follow up.

This is one of Alun’s comments, that simply had to be promoted to a full post: “Martin Barnes, chief executive of the think tank DrugScope, who sits on the advisory council, said it was crucial that a rigorously independent body

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Terrorist criminal milk dealing Menno-Fascist arrested

It’s the milk spill that crossed state lines. Brooklyn raw milk enthusiasts are crying over the loss of their supplier – a horse and buggy-driving Amish farmer from Pennsylvania. Mark Nolt of New Line, Pa., was arrested and shut down

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The first flower of spring

City councillor Gavin Webb could be thrown off a school’s board of governors after making controversial calls to legalise heroin and prostitution.Liberal Democrat (Libertarian) councillor Gavin Webb’s position is being reviewed after publicly expressing controversial views. Thistley Hough High School,

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Marijuana legalized in Argentina: war on drugs "absolute failure"

Wednesdays 23 of April legalize the drug consumption in Argentina the International – (10:00 hrs.) A court of Buenos Aires annuls thousands of cases in proceedings of defendant to have marijuana They consider that consuming they are the factor of

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Can you dig it suckers?

A list of the names of the gangs of London,  updated August 14th 2011 1. Brent Church Road Thugs Cricklewood (SLK) Thugs of Stone Bridge Acorn Man Dem Walthamstow/DMX NW Untouchable SK-Hood Church Road Man Dem St Ralph’s Soldiers Greenhill

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