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BTC-DPD: Bitcoin Distributed Price Discovery

As you may have seen during the last seventy two hours, problems at a single exchange, the popular MTGOX, have unleashed mass confusion amongst the computer illiterate Bitcoin watchers, as they falsely claim that people have “lost money” or that

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2022: Bed blockers ‘put Obama Care in danger of collapse’

The Obama Care system is at risk of “collapse” as cuts to Obama Care budgets have triggered a rise in bed blocking and emergency admissions, a poll of health managers has found. During the 15-month period from August 2022 to

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Bitcoin is voluntarist, not socialist

The idea of socialism is diametrically opposed to the core philosophy of a voluntary peer to peer system like Bitcoin. Peer to peer systems dis-intermediate the transfer of information and eliminate the need for an arbitrary governing authority or service

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The confusion over the nature of corporations

There is a great deal of deeply seated confusion about corporations, their origins and true purpose. People who are intelligent and well read in the field of the philosophy of liberty sometimes fall short when it comes to understanding what

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Communities print their own currency to keep cash flowing

We at BLOGDIAL have blogged about this subject a few times before: By David Coates, The Detroit News, via AP In Detroit, three downtown businesses have created a local currency, or scrip, to keep dollars earned locally in the community.

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Freedom on an axis

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Obamanomics: Cargo Cult Economics

Thanks to Travis at Ron Paul News for this, who wrote, “This should make you smile…” He knows that we have written before about Cargo Cult effects in relation to that other subject that we all know and love so

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