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Fingerprinted to smoke in London

The joys of clubbing in England! That was at the M-nus event in London last weekend! Fuck me!! Rules rules rules………….you will become our subordinates you worthless, druggy, addicted cunts!! I fucking hope people stop going clubbing in this cuntry.

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Catholic weekly slams fingerprints

Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana hit out at the religious values of the Italian government on Monday as the furore over a plan by Interior Minister Roberto Maroni to fingerprint all children in the country’s gypsy camps rumbled on. “The ‘Catholic’

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Uncle Sham to push burden of fingerprinting onto airlines

U.S. to Insist That Travel Industry Get Fingerprints By Spencer S. Hsu and Del Quentin Wilber Washington Post Staff Writers Tuesday, April 22, 2008; Page A08 The U.S. government today will order commercial airlines and cruise lines to prepare to

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Privacy International complaint poised to shut down Heathrow passenger fingerprinting

Privacy International’s recent complaint to the UK Information Commissioner has threatened to bring a halt to an imminent plan to fingerprint all domestic and international passengers departing from Heathrow’s Terminal 1 and Terminal 5, due to begin business on March

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