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Attention statists: You lost. Give up. Start learning.

This is just too good not to share: […] I can’t believe that I still have friends who still accept the state as either legitimate or necessary. Statism, or the religion of government, is the belief that a coercive government

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Unethical collectivist fail on steroids in the Grauniad

Peter Beresford keeps referring to the ever elusive, imaginary ‘we’ in his piece, which is a typical Grauniad screed against liberty and the spirit of man. There is no ‘we’. Man is an individual, he is not the same as

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The confusion over the nature of corporations

There is a great deal of deeply seated confusion about corporations, their origins and true purpose. People who are intelligent and well read in the field of the philosophy of liberty sometimes fall short when it comes to understanding what

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Refuting George Monbiot’s attacks on Libertarianism

George Monbiot, world famous environmentalist and renowned anti C02 campaigner has chosen to launch an attack on Libertarianism. Articles like his are more useful than annoying, because it provides Libertarians an opportunity refute all of his carefully made points, and

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The Internet is starving the streets

Whilst roving around a major city in the UK, I was overwhelmed by the filth, the poverty, the distorted faces, the ground in misery, the decay and the hopelessness in evidence whichever way you cared to look. Contrast this with

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Nobody Asked For A Violent State

I live in Stockholm, Sweden. A hundred years ago, one of the largest employers in the city was the State. Their business was as straightforward as it was necessary: help keep keep people safe, provide schools, a social safety net,

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You can smell their fear now

The Grauniad has an astonishing report of a newsletter published by Belgravia police station, where people are advised to report anarchists to the police. I’m not making this up: Anarchists should be reported, advises Westminster anti-terror police Islamist terrorists also

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Oxford Libertarian Society

Who are we? We’re a student society at the University of Oxford committed to exploring and promoting libertarian ideas. Libertarians believe quite simply in the maximisation of individual freedom. This is in marked contrast to the two main strands of

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Ignorant sharia bashers to the fore please

From today’s Daily Mail: Sharia law SHOULD be used in Britain, says UK’s top judge The most senior judge in England yesterday gave his blessing to the use of sharia law to resolve disputes among Muslims. Lord Chief Justice Lord

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The first flower of spring

City councillor Gavin Webb could be thrown off a school’s board of governors after making controversial calls to legalise heroin and prostitution.Liberal Democrat (Libertarian) councillor Gavin Webb’s position is being reviewed after publicly expressing controversial views. Thistley Hough High School,

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