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FinCEN sounds death knell for US based Bitcoin businesses

It seems that FinCEN has finally decided to opine on Bitcoin, without naming it specifically. This US pronouncement spells death to all “compliant” US Bitcoin companies that choose to remain based in the USA. There is one thing you absolutely

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McDonalds Money: the solution to the banking and monetary crisis

It seems that another crack in the dam has appeared: How long can it be before it cracks all the way and the whole creaking edifice bursts and the pressure is relieved? Bad stuff is what happens when the

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The heat is slowly building up against the Canadian Royal Mint’s Mint Chip

Mint Chip, the Canadian Royal Mint’s attempt to enter the digital money market, is doomed to fail. It is being thoroughly attacked from all sides, the technical, the philosophical and economic. Via a post on Slashdot, we are reminded of

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Gold bug bears and BLOGDIAL for Bluffers

md wrote: nagapie wrote: Brixton’s getting it’s own currency. Is it going to be made out of a precious metal (i.e. either gold or silver)? I can’t pretend to even understand, let alone agree with, the various long term bug

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Peter Schiff and the KLF

These three videos go together. Do you know why?

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To the People of the United States

To the People of the United States of America, I am writing today because no one has asked my opinion in any poll. No candidate has sought my vote, and no lobbyist taken up my cause. It seems that of

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The Totnes Pound: The future of money

As the fiat currencies collapse, people will turn to new, unassailable currencies like the Guernsey Pound and the Totnes Pound In response to the massive interest generated by the distribution of 300 Totnes pounds Transition Town Totnes (TTT) are issuing

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