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Save us from the lawyers and the luddites

John Matonis has a new and excellent post on his ‘Monetary Future’ blog. In it, he logically goes through some of the issues surrounding Bitcoin. It is well worth reading. One section however, spurred this BLOGDIAL post. It’s the part

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Who Sampled

Who Sampled is a fascinating site; when they start documenting the ‘DNA’ of House Music and all its decedents, it will be…just incredible! Sites like this are under threat from the Intellectual Monopolists. This tool, if applied to all

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'Why Cd Was a Con', or 'I told you so'

Way back in 1992, we wrote the following piece, printed it on 12″ square pieces of card and shipped it with thousands of 12″ singles: What is the essence of digital recording/reproduction? Digital recording systems work on the principal of

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The Trilogy Tapes

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Irdial Philosophy: 'Synthesis of Music'

1. Music is a language through which all the following properties may be expressed: harmony, creativity, happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, humour, provocation and culture. 2. The use of top quality products and technical knowledge to prepare them properly are

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The Autumn Tapes by Spunkle

Captain Davros, longtime BLOGDIAL poster, fine artist, SWL and guitarist has a “new” record out of demos from 98 and 99, ‘The Autumn Tapes by Spunkle’: The Autumn Tapes Preview from FirstFold Records on Vimeo. There are only 90 copies

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Monster Music 14

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