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HarryFlashman pins the tail on the donkey

29 Apr 09, 2:23am Can you imagine how awful it would be if Britain was run by Fascists? They’d make sure everyone carried identity papers and you’d be arrested if you failed to show your papers to a policeman, a

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Modern liberty has found its voice…but not its balls

And it is only balls that will solve this problem. Editorial The Observer, Sunday 1 March 2009 Article history It was never in a Labour manifesto that individual freedom should be surrendered in the interests of collective security. Nor was

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The answer comes before the question

If you use Apple, you will know that the new version of iLife will include updates to iPhoto that are simply astonishing. iPhoto 09 will scan your photo library for faces, and allow you to name the people in your

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The final pieces of the true ID Card scheme are revealed

Like we have been saying for years: an ID card scheme that covers only some of the population doesnt make any sense. Running ID Card sweeps on only some types of people doesnt make any sense. If you have an

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Fingerprinted to smoke in London

The joys of clubbing in England! That was at the M-nus event in London last weekend! Fuck me!! Rules rules rules………….you will become our subordinates you worthless, druggy, addicted cunts!! I fucking hope people stop going clubbing in this cuntry.

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Total surveillance of everything and everyone

Andy Burnham, fascist, liar and traitor said that: Suggesting the Government will have knowledge of, and control over, your life through the National Identity Register is untrue. It is also nonsense to suggest either that “every outpost of the state”

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ContactPoint 'delayed' till 2009

The white heat of public outrage is crisping this sham: The launch of the Government’s flagship database of every child living in England has been delayed just days after The Daily Telegraph exposed serious concerns about its purpose. ContactPoint will

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